A Little Info – About Me

I am a born and raised CT gal that has a huge passion for all things nutrition!   I strive to create fun delicious meals from foods that we are mechanically built to eat – whole and natural.  Apart from my passion for educating others on the art of creating a meal, I am a big beach bum and have a bright yellow 4 door wrangler to prove it!  I go by three different names: Catherine, Katie and Kiki.  Most importantly, my friends and family are my life!

Here’s a little info to how I got started with the clean eating…..

In January 2012 I was introduced to the Whole30 program through my local CrossFit gym. The gym held a 30 day Nutrition Challenge which I decided to try.  I’ve always been very big into fitness and eating healthy but this challenge opened my eyes to a whole new meaning of ‘eating healthy’.  Day 1 of the challenge we had to take a body fat analysis which populated your body fat % and your body measurements.   Within the 30 days, I had to give up all grains, dairy, soy products, legumes and alcohol.  At first, I was unsure if I could do this.  I used to be a cheese addict (and deep down I still am..), I love bread and grew up in a household where food was and still is a big part of who my family is.  But, I am always up for a challenge when it comes to fitness so I decided to give it a shot.  I’m not going to lie, the first two weeks were a tough 14 days.  Food is a drug, you have to train your body that you don’t need certain foods that you are used to eating on a daily basis.  So I had to train my body that I didn’t need my morning cereal, the sandwich at lunch, the cheese on almost everything & the bite of chocolate after dinner.   I almost gave up 1/2 way through thinking to myself that I was crazy and this challenge was crazy but I figured what is another 2 weeks, I already got myself that far so I stuck with it.  When the 30 days was over, we evaluated our body fat analysis again in which we compared Day 1 to Day 30.   When I received my results, my mouth literally dropped and I thought there was some mistake or a typo on the machine….I had lost a total of 11% body fat within the 30 days (Note: I was weight training at CrossFit 3 days a week and 2 days cardio).  In that moment, I knew this challenge had changed me.  The saying you are what you eat is very true.  Not only did I lose body fat but I also felt full of energy, I slept great and my skin cleared.  After the challenge I decided to just continue on the journey of eating clean.  However, I am a big foodie so I needed to start getting creative with my meals for my own sanity.  So I’ve taught myself that you can eat amazing delicious meals that are made from whole and natural foods!  It’s amazing what a few simple ingredients can create! 🙂

As I blog I hope people will try my meals and enjoy them just as much as I do!!  The experience made me appreciate natural foods and I hope I can help give the same influence on others!

Happy eating and enjoy!! xo

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Contact Me

Diehl Nutrition, LLC
e: katie@thedailydiehl


6 thoughts on “A Little Info – About Me

  1. kelly says:

    Its about time Katie!!!!! So happy to see your blog. With your help, I REALLY hope to start changing my toddler driven eating habits very, very soon! xoxo Kelly

    • Kelly says:

      I’d love help with my weekly shopping lists! Any help/advice you can give to what I should be buying. I am on auto pilot at the grocery store and buy the same “bad” choices every time!!

      • kiki4615 says:

        haha! Next time you go to the store, if you want I will go with you and help you! The best way to not do that is map out your meals. It’s easy for me because I eat similar things every day – eggs for bfast, protein/veg for lunch/dinner and my snacks are fruit/healthy fats. So meal prep is key, I think! Just tell me what it is that you’re craving and looking to eat for the week and I can help you! But again, I’m happy to come to the store with you this weekend if you want or come with me when I go! Fairway is my favorite spot!! Also, the best way to shop ‘healthy’ is to avoid the isles! Everything good is outside of the isles. 🙂

  2. Steve yellen says:

    Special K

    Steve Yellen here in El Paso.
    You wrote in a former blog,

    “Also, the best way to shop ‘healthy’ is to avoid the isles! Everything good is outside of the isles. 🙂”

    Best advice ever! So true!

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