Coconut Chocolate Balls


Can you believe it’s already the 4th of July!!   If you have a bbq to attend or hosting one this holiday weekend, here is a great treat you can provide!

The base of the balls are dates.  Did you know: Dates are part of the fruit family and come from my favorite plant, the palm tree.  They contain a wide variety of essential vitamins and minerals such as, calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium and zinc.  Dates also provide a great source of energy, sugar and fiber.  Dates contain zero saturated fat, trans fat and cholesterol making them a blood pressure and heart healthy treat.   These balls contain 5 ingredients and can whipped together in 10 minutes or less.  Just be careful, they are highly addictive!🙂

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Shrimp Avocado Toast


I’ve noticed lately that avocado toast is the hot item in most breakfast and lunch places.  I also was blown away by the amount of money that these places are charging for a slice of bread with some avocado, and let’s just say, they’re killing it!  People are loving it!  Continue reading

Healthy Nutella


Since I have the biggest sweet tooth, I am always looking for different ways to satisfy those cravings!  Nutella is one of my favorite treats and the best part is it can be used as a breakfast essential or a sweet treat after lunch or dinner.  In my attempt to duplicate Nutella the best way I can, this is the result!

Minus the delicious flavor of hazelnuts they also contain great health properties.  They are rich in mono-saturated fats, full of vitamins and minerals, high in Vitamin E and B, cater to a healthy metabolism, good for bone health, contains folate, high in fiber and research shows that they are an anti-cancer super food.

This is really easy to make, although, is a bit messy – warning! – but the end result is well worth the mess.  You can enjoy this on a piece of Ezekiel bread for breakfast or my Paleo rolls (recipe found here:  You can even get creative and make a crepe out of egg whites and fold it with strawberries and a scoop of the nutella!  The options are endless!

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