Plantain Rice


For those of you who know me, know that I love to turn anything I can into ‘spaghetti’. You can thank the Italian blood in me for that!   With it being the New Year, one of my resolutions is to get a little deeper with my creativity in the kitchen so I can share it all with you!

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Shaved Brussel Salad


One of my favorite parts about working in the nutrition industry is listening to people’s nutritional desires, their likes vs. dislikes on all types of food.  I’ve noticed that most dislike brussel sprouts.  My initial reaction to this is “Have you ever added bacon to brussel sprouts?!”.  We all know that adding bacon to any food is a major game changer! People also visualize brussels and this boring vegetable that was put on the table as a kid and was force fed by their parents.    The beauty of cooking is the endless opportunities where you can take a simple ‘boring’ food and turn it into a bowl full of heaven!  Before we get into that, let’s discuss the benefits of brussel sprouts.

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Avocado Chocolate Pudding


 The holidays are here which means sweet central!  Often times I hear about how people have gained 10lbs during the holidays due to the mentality of “I’ll get back on track in January!”    It’s inevitable that you’re going to want and crave sweets during this time of year (or all year round!). So before gravitating towards the nearest cookie, piece of cake or brownie try this delicious chocolate satisfying flavor avocado chocolate pudding!  Not only is this treat packed with nutrient dense super foods it’s also a great afternoon snack, satisfies any post dinner craving or can be a great treat to offer at your holiday party!

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Coconut Chocolate Balls


Can you believe it’s already the 4th of July!!   If you have a bbq to attend or hosting one this holiday weekend, here is a great treat you can provide!

The base of the balls are dates.  Did you know: Dates are part of the fruit family and come from my favorite plant, the palm tree.  They contain a wide variety of essential vitamins and minerals such as, calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium and zinc.  Dates also provide a great source of energy, sugar and fiber.  Dates contain zero saturated fat, trans fat and cholesterol making them a blood pressure and heart healthy treat.   These balls contain 5 ingredients and can whipped together in 10 minutes or less.  Just be careful, they are highly addictive! 🙂

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