Katie’s Go-To Salad


I make this salad 5-6 days a week and can honestly say I never get sick of it. Sometimes I’ll even eat it with my lunch and dinner. No doubt am I a creature of habit but I just love all the nutrition in this bowl. On occasion, I’ll switch up the ingredients but usually these ingredients (listed below) are my staples. This salad is full of micronutrients as well as the best kind of medicine, herbal medicine, keeping my immune system thriving.

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Gluten-Free Chicken Piccata

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For so many years of my life I was that person that thought any carbohydrate beyond what was “allowed” on Paleo was bad for you. Being a nutritionist, I giggle at my old self now. In the cold months, I crave all things comfort foods, like most people do.  In the summer, I will grill all day every day, no problem. But grilling outside in freezing temperatures does not fancy me one bit.

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Sweet Potato Chocolate Chip Muffins


Let me tell you how much I LOVE sweet potatoes. When I was a kid, I wasn’t the biggest fan but as I grew older and learned more about food, the importance of quality food, nutrition and sports nutrition, sweet potatoes became a staple in my every day.  What I love most about sweet potatoes, beyond their flavor and nutrient content, is all the different ways you can incorporate them into your diet!

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Nutrient Dense Buddha Bowl


Working with all different types of personalities I’ve learned that there are some people in this world that really dislike when their food touches on a plate. So, if that’s you, this bowl may not be for you but if you’re like me and love to throw alllllll the nutrition into a bowl, this is DEFINITELY for you!

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Fluffy Protein Pancakes


You’ll notice that a lot of recipes on my blog are pancakes.  That’s because I LOVE pancakes! When I was a kid, I was not a fan of lunch or dinner meals but I could eat breakfast all day, every day.  As an adult, I understand that I cannot do that, but that doesn’t mean my inner kid still wants to eat pancakes all day every day.

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Summer Couscous Salad


It’s no secret that I love this time of year not only because of the weather but mostly because of the fresh produce. I make salads (almost) every single night which I never get sick of but sometimes I need to switch it up and add a different type of salad into my regimen.  This recipe (as mostly all that are posted on this blog) was so easy, light, and refreshing. It goes well with any protein you pair it with.  Learn how to make my new favorite summer salad below!

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Watermelon Fresca


Don’t let this non-fancy picture fool you on how delicious this is!  Last month I was in the Florida keys at my favorite fish taco location (seriously, if you’re ever in Islamorada, FL keys you MUST go to Bad Boy Burrito) and ordered a “Watermelon Fresca”.  I believe my eyeballs spoke for itself. So tasty, so refreshing and so simple (my favorite, simplicity). When I came home I was on a mission to carry this into my Connecticut reality.  I was immediately shocked how easy this was to create.

This drink is great after a good sweat, day at the beach, or simply as a refresher to wake yourself up in the morning!  I highly encourage you to make this drink all summer long! See recipe below.

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Simple Garlic Shrimp & Soba Noodles


For 4+ years of my life I barely ate “carbs”. Especially pasta (unless my Mom made her signature spg & meatballs on holidays). Like most out there, I had this fear that carbohydrates would make me gain weight even if I had a slice of bread.  During this time period, I was Crossfitting 5-6 days a week and my only source of carbohydrates was sweet potatoes. After 4 years of depriving myself of foods that I love so much, I gave up.

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Garlic Lemon Salmon

Baked Salmon

Up until a few years ago, salmon was one of the only fishes that I could not eat. To me, I felt as though the fish was very “fishy” and I could not stomach the idea of cooking it in my house or even eating it.  However, everything in life deserves a 2nd chance, including salmon.  Quickly, I learned that my reasoning for not liking salmon was how I was cooking it in the past (flavorless, bland) or how others prepared it for me (perhaps not fresh, wrong seasonings?) in the past. When marinated with the right ingredients salmon is actually really tasty!

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