Paleo Bacon Burger


It isn’t Labor Day unless you have a yummy juicy everything amazingness burger!  This literally took me 10 minutes to make and it put that 🙂 on my face!   What I love most about this burger is it has all your essentials – your meat protein, your healthy fat, your complex carbohydrate and some green.  I ate this with a side of grilled asparagus sprinkled with lemon – perfect end to summer meal.

Ingredients (1 burger):

  • 1 Beef Patty of your choice (you can use chicken, turkey meat as well, doesn’t have to be beef)
  • 1/2 Avocado
  • 2 Pieces of Bacon
  • 2 Width Length Slices of Sweet Potato
  • 1 Leaf of Lettuce
  • 1 Slice of Tomato
  • Olive Oil


Turn your grill on medium heat.

In the meantime, prep your veggies – dice the sweet potato length wise and add a dash of olive oil and salt.  Slice the tomato, mash 1/2 an avocado.  If you want to get extra fancy you can make guac with this – just add red onion, cilantro, lime juice, salt/pepper.

Grill the burgers the way you like – here is medium.  I cook the burger on each side for about 5 mins.

Grill the sweet potato’s on each side for about the same length as the burger – but watch these so they don’t burn. It also depends on how thick you cut them.  The thinner the slice, the faster they cook.  So just watch this.

How to stack:

  • Place a slice of the sweet potato on the bottom.
  • Place the lettuce on top
  • Place the burger on top
  • Place the Tomato
  • Place the Bacon
  • Place the Avocado
  • Place a slice of the sweet potato on top

You can really top this with whatever you like.  I made it simple because its the only ingredients I had but feel free to add – onions, mushrooms, peppers, egg, etc.  Get creative and enjoy! 🙂


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