Morning Breakfast


Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, hands down!  I’ve always been a breakfast person (explains my obsession with my pancakes!).  I’m NOT a morning person so I find myself every morning running around trying to leave the house, so it’s important for me to make a quick breakfast! This morning I made this breakfast which takes all of 4 mins to do!!   I used the left over homemade breakfast sausage (recipe is on the blog below under Sunday Brunch), handful of spinach and 4 eggs.  I know people get creeped out by spinach but spinach adds a lot to the most important meal of your day.  It’s full of nutrients, fiber and iron!   This breakfast is also full of  protein so it keeps you full!! Try it out and enjoy! 🙂


Left over homemade breakfast pork sausage
Handful of spinach
4 eggs – 3 egg whites, 1 full egg


Heat a skillet on medium heat.

Cut the left over sausage into little squares and toss in your skillet.  Once the sausage is warmed up, add your spinach until cooked (note: spinach cooks really quickly!).  Once the spinach is fully cooked add your eggs and scramble it all together.    I’m not really a salt/pepper person so add seasoning to your liking!


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