Coconut Shrimp

coconut shrimp

I went out to dinner recently and ordered coconut shrimp app which was amazing.  Clearly, it was not Paleo but you can transform any ‘non-paleo’ meal into paleo!   So – ta da!!   If you’re looking for something easy and delic as an appetizer or even a meal, definitely try this!


Uncooked Large Shrimp
Almond Flour
Egg Whites
Coconut Flakes
Olive Oil


Pre-Heat a Medium Pan with Olive Oil.

Remove the shell from the shrimp (unless you like to eat the shells!)

Dip the shrimp in egg whites, almond flour and coconut flakes.

Place in the pan and cook on each side about 5 minutes or until brown.

The sauce in the picture is just a sweet sauce found in the Asian section of a grocery store. Its not paleo but it did the trick!

Nom Nom!


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