Cilantro/Arugula Pesto Pork Burgers


Last night I was insanely tired from my day and post WOD but was craving something yummy to eat so I forced myself to get creative in the kitchen and whipped this up in 30 mins!   I eat a lot of chicken so I wanted to switch up my protein source by purchasing ground pork.  I’ve never really cooked with ground pork (besides my bfast sausages) so I wasn’t sure how this was going to to turn out!    It wasn’t too shabby! I will definitely be cooking more with ground pork, so stay tuned!  Enjoy!  🙂


1 lb Ground Pork
1 Small Eggplant
1/2 Cup of Cilantro
1 Cup Arugula
1/4 Cup Olive Oil
Few Diced Cherry Tomatoes
1 Avocado
1/4 Red Onion
1 Garlic Clove
Salt & Pepper as desired


Heat your grill to medium heat.

Using a food processor, blend the 1/4 cup olive oil, cilantro, arugula and salt to make your pesto.   Place to the side.

In a bowl, mix together the ground pork, onion and 2 tablespoons of pesto and shape your burgers!

Cut the eggplant and top with olive oil.

Place the pork burgers on the grill as well as the eggplant.   Cook the burgers and eggplant for about 5-8 min on each side. (just watch it..).

In the meantime, heat a skillet with olive oil and garlic.  Let the garlic cook a little til brown and add the diced cherry tomatoes and saute until a little tender.

Mix together the avocado, red onion, lime, cilantro and salt to make quac and top on some arugula greens.

Once the burgers are cooked, put a little pesto on the eggplant, top with the burger, sauteed tomatoes and a little more pesto on top of the burger/tomatoes and dinner is served!

Hope you enjoy!!


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