Meal Prep!

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So a lot of people have been asking me what it is that I buy when I go to the grocery store and how do I know what to buy, etc.  There really is no difference in how I shop compared to other’s that aren’t on a ‘paleo’ life style diet.  The key for me is to not go down any isle at the grocery store – all the crappy/processed foods are in the isles.

I do all my shopping on Sundays so before I go to the store I’ll do a mental recap on what meals I’m going to eat during the week.   Meal prep is really the #1 importance when trying to live a healthy life style.  During the week I bring breakfast, lunch and all snacks to work every day, Monday thro Friday!  Not only does it prevent me from spending money but I also know exactly what it is I’m eating.  I never have the ‘ugh, I feel like crap’ after eating my meals. I always feel great, healthy & content.   During the weekends I’m usually home so I prep for the wknds as well or if I know I’ll be out on a Saturday running around and won’t be home around lunch time, I bring lunch with me.  Crazy, I know. But again it saves me tons of money, I don’t have to think about what to eat and I know exactly what I’m eating!

Here’s an idea of what my meal prep looks like.  I switch it up every wk but it’s really the basics, protein/veg/little fruit and healthy fats:

Meal Plan

4 eggs (3 white, 1 regular) homemade pork sausage, spinach, 1/2 orange, green tea

2 tblspn almond butter & 1 banana

Chicken, veggie, starch
(Asparagus, brussel sprouts,  zucc, carrots, squash – butternut, spg, acorn, sweet potato)

1/2 avocado
2 celery sticks
Small pc of chicken

Fish, cauliflower ‘rice’, green veggie
Turkey meat, onion, pepper, zucc/carrot ‘spg’
Turkey meat, onion, pepper, spg squash
Shrimp, kale, spinach, onion, pepper, cilantro

Dessert: 1 square 85% dark natural chocolate. (Green & Black is my favorite brand).

I have a crazy sweet tooth so that dark chocolate really hits the spot!  I try not to eat that EVERY day but every few days, its not going to kill me or you! 😉  The list above is really for my Mon – Friday routine.  The wknds I like to switch it up and get a bit more adventitious since I have more time.  My week days are crazy and long so this is what helps me get by!

Happy shopping & eating everyone!!


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