Pork and My Favorite Greens!!

photo (22)

I eat a lot of chicken, ground turkey and fish.  I decided to switch it up to try something different.  I forgot how much I really enjoy pork!! Growing up my Mom would make us pork chops with fried beans and lots of apple sauce filled with a ton of sugar, so this what a little different than what I’m used to but it was still yum in my tum!  I took pork and mixed it with all my favorite green veggies!


4 oz pork chop 
Handful of spinach 
1/4 cup mushrooms 
1/2 red pepper 
Handful of green beans 
Tablespoon of coconut oil 


Heat a skillet on medium and add the coconut oil.

Dice your pork chop length wise and season with salt and pepper (or any other seasonings you like).

Once the coconut oil has melted, add the pork and cook on each side for a few minutes or until done.

While the pork is cooking add the peppers, mushrooms, spinach and green beans and sautee together.  Add more coconut oil, if necessary.

Once all the veggies and pork are cooked – dig in!!




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